શબ્દોની દુનિયા



સાચવી રાખ્યો છે મેં

તને જોઈને હૃદયમાં ઉદ્દભવેલો ઝંકાર સાચવી રાખ્યો છે મેં,
ન લખાયેલા કેટલાયે શબ્દોનો ભાર સાચવી રાખ્યો છે મેં

ક્યારેક તો તું પાછી ફરીશ એ રાહમાં ને રાહમાં,
હૃદયના ખૂણામાં તારા નામનો ધબકાર સાચવી રાખ્યો છે મેં

બંધ થઈ ગયા છે જે ઘરના બારણાં હમેશા માટે,
ક્યારેક ત્યાંથી જ મળેલો મીઠો આવકાર સાચવી રાખ્યો છે મેં

‘મજબૂરી’ના બહાના પાછળ જે નિભાવી ન શકાયો,
આજીવન સાથે રહેવાનો એ કરાર સાચવી રાખ્યો છે મેં

એકબીજાના સુખ-દુઃખમાં હવે સાથે નથી,ચાલ માન્યું
પણ તારી માટે ચિંતા કરવાનો અધિકાર સાચવી રાખ્યો છે મેં

વર્ષો સુધી જીવ્યા પછીયે સમજાયો નથી જે ઘણાને,
નાની જિંદગીનો બહુ મોટો ‘ટુંકસાર’ સાચવી રાખ્યો છે મેં

A#1 Ancient Indian Rishis-Spiritual Scientist

Generally, there is always a kind of fight between science and spirituality. People who believe in science generally tell that spirituality is hoax or myth. And they strongly believe that things which we follow in a path of spirituality are superstition. No doubt, when there is superstition it must be stopped but sometimes due to lack of knowledge we choose sand over gold. We can’t see how enriched our “Shashtra” and “Vedas” actually are. If we see some ancient “Stories” there are many things they knew already which modern science has now accepted. And there are some things which are still out of rich for our scientist. Here are some of such things which I have found.

1:        Time is Relative(As per Einstein’s theory of Relativity)

Who doesn’t know Einstein? And we all know about his “Theory of Relativity”. (We can understand it or not is different thing). According to that(if I am not wrong) Time is relative to velocity. For example, if you move faster, time become slower for you. In one of the Hollywood movie i.e. ‘Interstellar’, they have shown this phenomenon very nicely. In a movie, they went to some planet of some other galaxy which moves very much faster than earth. So hours on that planet become years on Earth.

Wait a minute!!!!

Didn’t our ancient Rishis said the same thing??? like “Minute in Brahmalok is like a number of years on Earth.” Brahmalok is a place where Lord Brahma lives, we can consider it as another planet or another galaxy. So if that planet(Brahmalok) moves very much faster, then it may have time slower than us. Isn’t it similar to things they showed in ‘Interstellar’?

So there is a possibility that our Rishis knew these things lot many years ago.


  1. Universe is expanding and there is no End

Remember that tale we have seen lot much time on TV? When lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma were trying to find the end of Universe and they found that it has no end, its infinity. (In that story, Lord Brahma first says that he had found the End but at last he confessed that he too didn’t find the end as lord Vishnu. ) Now let us think that this is just a story, but still, that means that the writer of this story knew that Universe is endless.

  1. Universe is made of Energy and matter

It has been already said in our ‘Shashtras’ that universe is full of ENERGY (URJA). Scientists have now found the existence of dark energy and dark matter. But we knew that already. And the best thing is, our spiritual scientist knew how to gain energy from Universe. They gave use method to get energy from the universe which we call YOGA. But modern science is not capable for that.

  1. Wormhole

Scientists believe that wormholes are path between two places of Universe.  And we can find a lot of examples in our Ancient books that ‘devtas’( who live in Swarg- heaven or we can say some other place in our universe) came to Earth. Even Lord Brahma(who lives in Brahmalok) and Lord Vishnu(who lives in Vishnulok) also came on Earth. And Naradji always travels between this loks. There are some examples of humans also who traveled in those loks. So isn’t it possible that they have somehow managed to create wormhole on Earth and then they traveled to wherever they want??

So these all things show that our ancient Rishis were no less than scientists, but they were more than Scientists because they were ‘Spiritual Scientists’. They knew the things which today’s scientists are still unable to understand.

The main Aim of writing this article is to show my perspective only. It may be possible that I am wrong somewhere or I may have misunderstood something. If so, please correct me. The examples I have mentioned are true as per best of my knowledge.

Please send me your feedback about this article.

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